About Us

Meet The Guy Working in The Trailer, Down by The River. (or wherever you want it to be)

Kenyon Blower…

is the mastermind behind Location Edit. From his years as an onsite editor and producer for a wide variety of networks, he realized that there was a big need for an on-location editing trailer that contained the latest, high quality equipment for fast, broadcast quality editing in a comfortable environment.

Kenyon’s experience includes over 3500 hours of live television, shifting effortlessly between the responsibilities as a Producer, Director and Editor.

His creativity has garnered him numerous local and national awards, while his laid back personality and sharp sense of humor makes him easy to spend long days with in an edit trailer!

Kenyon rides “shotgun” with the Edit Location trailer, to ensure everything goes smoothly and is also available for Editing/Producing and/or Directing your next live television event – wherever that may be.

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